Welcome! I am an author, photographer and concerned citizen. This site covers the breadth of my work spanning forty years – and counting! Please feel free to contact me.

My mission: creative responses to scientific questions


I’ve been creating ‘right-brain’ responses to ‘left-brain’ questions since I was thirteen years old, when a long summer road trip through Mexico lit a fire that has never gone out. I express my answers in writing, photography, speaking and activism, endeavoring in each to tell compelling stories in inspiring ways .


I grew up in the American West and dedicated a great deal of creative energy to exploring and explaining the region, collected here as A West That Works.


I have worked on the cutting edge of collaborative conservation, regenerative agriculture, ecological restoration, and climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience for nearly two decades. As cofounder and Executive Director of the Quivira Coalition, I had the privilege to explain their hopefulness in numerous publications and public speaking events, collected here as Solutions.


My current project is titled This Moment In Time. It aims to explore and chronicle this extraordinary moment in history for future generations through photography, fiction, and nonfiction.

Photograph by Elaine Patarini


The Radical Center

Where diverse people come together to share their common interests rather than argue their differences in order to get work accomplished on-the-ground. Quivira was an early leader.

The New Ranch

My name for progressive ranching that views the natural processes that sustain wildlife habitat and healthy watersheds as the same ones that make land productive for livestock.

The Carbon Ranch

My name for a strategy to mitigate climate change by sequestering CO2 in plants and soils, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and produce economic and ecological resilience

Two Percent Solutions

Innovative low-cost, low-tech, nature-based practices that increase soil carbon, including organic no-till farming, grassfed food production, and ecological restoration.

The Fifth Wave

My name for a new wave of conservation that focuses on regenerative agriculture, climate adaptation, resilience, cooperation, profitability, and fun – also called a ‘new agrarianism.'’

The Threshold

My next book. Thresholds made us human. It’s in our nature to explore and adapt. It’s who we are. It’s where we came from. It’s where we are going – over a significant climate threshold.


I’ve been engaged with the American West all my life. I’ve worked in archaeology, conservation, and regenerative agriculture. This project expresses what I’ve learned about the West and its people in photographs, words, and action.

Solutions exist. To help spread the news, for four years I dedicated myself to writing about cows, creeks, carbon and other low-cost, low-tech, nature-based solutions to climate, drought, food and other challenges in the 21st century.

We live in an extraordinary moment in human history. Our achievements are profound, as are our challenges. This ongoing project aims to capture the small picture and the big of this memorable moment in time for future generations.


The Indelible West

Photographs 1988-1998

This Moment In Time