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My mission: creative stories about land and people


I’ve been captivated by the intersection of land and culture since I was thirteen years old when a long summer road trip through Mexico lit a fire that has never gone out. I’ve dedicated myself to creating right-brain (artistic) responses to left-brain (scientific) questions, expressed in writing, photography, and activism. Some of my stories are historical, some practical, some wishful, and some imaginary, but all are united by a restless curiosity, a deep sense of place, and a desire to be a compelling storyteller.


My nonfiction focuses on the frontiers of archaeology, collaborative conservation, regenerative agriculture, ecological restoration, and the radical center. In my nonprofit work as cofounder of the Quivira Coalition, I advocated for economic and ecological resilience in working landscapes with an emphasis on carbon ranching and other low-tech solutions to pressing global challenges.


My new endeavor is fiction. The Sun Ranch Saga is a mystery series set on modern-day cattle ranch in northern New Mexico. Upcoming: Consilience – a contemporary love story about time-travel, an uncertain future, and resistance.


Photograph by Elaine Patarini



A murder mystery set on a working ranch in northern New Mexico. Something is amiss in the New West... It is the first volume of the Sun Ranch Saga.


A contemporary love story about time-travel, an uncertain future, and resistance. It is the first book in a triology by the same name. To be published in early 2019.

Grass, Soil, Hope

A general interest book about ways to mitigate climate change by sequestering CO2 in plants and soils, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and produce economic and ecological resilience.

Two Percent Solutions

Innovative low-cost, low-tech, nature-based practices that increase soil carbon, including organic no-till farming, grassfed food production, and ecological restoration.

The Age of Consequences

A collection of personal essays about our uncertain times - the Age of Consequences - coupled with hopeful, practical solutions involving land and people in the American West.


A collection of columns and short essays about the rise of the radical center from the perspective of a front-line participant and thoughts about the promise of the New West.


I’ve been engaged with the American West all my life. I’ve worked in archaeology, conservation, and regenerative agriculture. This project expresses what I’ve learned about the West and its people in photographs, words, and action.

We live in an extraordinary moment in human history. Our achievements are profound, as are our challenges. This ongoing project aims to capture the small picture and the big of this memorable moment in time for future generations.

My fiction. “My feet have been set upon a road which I shall go on following… from the world of day into the world of Imagination… the coming of dusk, the lighting of the first star and the first candle…”    – Isak Dinesen


The Indelible West

Photographs 1988-1998

This Moment In Time