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This Moment In Time blog

We live in an extraordinary moment in human history. Our achievements are profound, as are our challenges. This purpose of this blog is to capture the joys and the sorrows, the high points and the low, the small picture and the big of this memorable moment in time.



When I purchased my first digital camera, back in 2006, I had an intuition that we lived in a unique moment in time so I began to take photographs as I traveled that were “time dependent” rather than “timeless” in an attempt to capture what I now call our Golden Hour. Hopefully, I’ve been able to create a portrait with these images of the tenor of our times. This collection is culled from these photographs and is an ongoing project.



I loved sending and receiving postcards as a child so I decided to embark on a project of writing digital postcards as another way of capturing this extraordinary moment in time. They will be for sale (and use) soon, including a limited edition series.


The Threshold

This is a literary nonfiction book that I am writing and hope to have published.


Threshold: (1) the sill of a doorway; the entrance to a house or building; (2) the point at which a psychological or physiological effect begins to be produced; the starting point of an adventure or experience; (3) the maximum point or upper limit at which a state or condition transitions into another state, usually permanently.     – Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary


Thresholds made us human. A brutal drought likely drove our ape ancestors out of the trees and dying forests into the African savannah, encouraging them to walk upright. The tool-making, meat-eating, cooking, singing, dancing, and story-telling around the campfire that followed over the millennia also represent significant thresholds in our development. So does a transformative genetic bottleneck 75,000 years ago that created our modern behavior, likely the consequence of another devastating drought. Next came the Diaspora out of Africa by a small group of people, freezing weather, cave art, and the start of the warm Holocene epoch. We were ready. We burst across this new threshold – and invented civilization. Nothing was the same ever again. It’s in our nature to explore, adapt, and survive. It’s who we are. It’s where we came from. It’s where we are going – over the next threshold.