I am an engaging public speaker and educator for general audiences as well as specific groups.


I have an overarching talk which covers my journey from environmental activist to dues-paying member of the New Mexico Cattlegrowers Association to my authorship of books on carbon, conservation, and regenerative agriculture.


Topics covered include: collaborative conservation, the radical center, land health, progressive cattle ranching, ecological restoration, resilience, the carbon ranch, and a variety of practical solutions to pressing problems. Audiences will gain a broad but detailed understanding of how ecological agriculture, cooperative behavior, and locally-scaled endeavors create hopeful solutions for the 21st century.


I also take the audience on a personal journey that began when I was 15 years old and taking a world history class in high school. The class blew me away: Egyptian pharaohs, hanging gardens of Babylon, Greek temples, Minoan battle axes, Roman legions. The class was fascinating, but it raised a question my mind that has never gone away: why do people do the things they do? Why do they build empires, create great art, and wage war? Why do civilizations rise and fall and fade away? What’s up with us anyway?


It’s an inspiring tour of thoughtful questions and hopeful answers to pressing challenges.


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